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Summer Research 2020

In 2020, the Trust awarded one Summer Research Scholarship of up to $3,000 to support particular research over the summer. The awards were open to British citizens enrolled on doctoral programmes at Harvard or MIT.

Alexander Hartley
Harvard GSAS Dept of Comparative Literature                                                                     

Alexander is interested in why writers and directors sue each other so much. This interest has led him to research the history of literary copyright, the invention that turned literature into private property, and its role in the development of the ‘bourgeois public sphere’. His Kennedy research grant is to develop this work with visits to archives in Berlin and New Haven, exploring the management of Bertolt Brecht’s copyright by the writer and his heirs. Alex did his BA, in English and German, at the University of Oxford. After graduating he worked as a journalist before beginning his PhD in September 2019.


Scholar Profiles
Shaheed Fatima, 1999

My year as a Kennedy Scholar at HLS was one of the best years of my academic life.

Shaheed Fatima, 1999

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