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Kennedy Scholars 2012

Jack-BelloliGiacomo (Jack) Belloli  21  

Special Student, Harvard GSAS

Jack intends to research modern and contemporary literature, and is particularly interested in the influence of religious ideas and theories of language acquisition on modernist texts. He is hoping to take courses in theology and linguistics as a special student, and to use the time to consider whether a comparative literature programme would be more appropriate: while studying English at Cambridge, Jack has also read French and Italian literature and he welcomes the opportunity to study German again at Harvard.   Jack is a qualified EFL teacher and a recruitment assistant for ARC UK, an international charity which gives young people the chance to volunteer as guides in cathedrals across Europe.  He has also served as his college’s elected Access Officer and is keen to learn from the US system with regard to the encouragement of university applicants. Jack writes poetry and drama, and recently published a chapbook, not being angelic, as part of the Cambridge-based Wide Range.

Isabel-BuchananIsabel Buchanan  24

Special Student, Harvard GSAS

Isabel is a qualified lawyer with an LLB and an MPhil in Law from the University of Glasgow.   She has a particular interest in death-penalty defence work in Pakistan and will return from Lahore in order to attend Harvard.  Employed as a fellow of the British charity Reprieve, which assists UK nationals on death row, she has been working with a local legal charity in Lahore.  Her work there included writing a manual instructing lawyers how to litigate on instances of torture as well as ongoing case work on behalf of clients on death row in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.  Previously, she worked with Reprieve in London on the cases of British Pakistanis imprisoned in Pakistan.  A year as a special student will give Isabel opportunities to study the history and culture of South Asia and to improve her language skills; it will also provide her with a richer understanding of how Pakistan relates both to the US and to the UK and she particularly welcomes Harvard’s South Asia Initiative.  Afterwards, she will train as a barrister.

Jujhar-DhandaJujhar Dhanda  26

LLM, Harvard Law School

Jujhar left his high-school in Paisley, Scotland aged 16 with no qualifications.   He subsequently enrolled at what is now the City of Glasgow College (formerly the Central College of Commerce) and completed two access courses (including a HND programme). He then read for the LL.B. at the University of Glasgow, during which he received the Universitas-21 Scholarship to read law at the University of Hong Kong. Upon graduating in 2009 he entered the U.K. Civil Service (Fast Stream), where he helped amend the Children’s Hearing (Scotland) Bill at the Directorate General for Education before joining the Justice and Communities Directorate. Jujhar then enrolled at Oxford University for a Masters, where he wrote his thesis on Britain’s welfare regime and its relationship with British parental rights legislation. With the proposed referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, he welcomes the opportunities to study constitutional law at Harvard, alongside labour rights, and also the chance to cross-register at other schools.  Jujhar has broad experience as a volunteer.

Isabella-HammadIsabella Hammad  21

Special Student, Harvard GSAS

Isabella has just completed an English degree at Oxford and finds herself torn between graduate research in literature and the study of public policy and international relations, particularly with regard to the Middle East.  She therefore welcomes the breadth of opportunity given by a year as a special student and expects to find common ground between her literary-critical work and her political and policy studies.   Isabella is half Palestinian, with a great-grandfather who was one of the first in his community to be educated in Europe.  In addition to learning Arabic, she herself looks forward to a rich cross-cultural experience whilst at Harvard which will enable her better to communicate across socio-political divides. A member of the National Youth Theatre, who has wide experience as an actress in university productions in Oxford and at the Edinburgh Fringe, Isabella is also a writer, with several poems published in online magazines.

Edward-HicksEdward Hicks  21  

AM Regional Studies: Russia, Ern Europe & C Asia, Harvard GSAS

Edward has been reading Russian and Czech with Slovak at Oxford;  having studied Russian literature he now wants to examine Russian politics and is attracted by the comparative breadth of American expertise and experience of Russia, plus the cross-registration opportunities at Harvard along with the opportunity to add to his already considerable linguistic range. Questions concerning Russia’s foreign policy and geopolitics particularly attract and challenge Edward, who wishes to explore the effects of the melting ice in the Arctic upon Russia and to examine Russia’s role in the politics of Central Asia and the Middle East. Edward has been an Officer Cadet in the British army and is a keen endurance sportsman.   He has also curated a small collection of Chinese porcelain, having a strong interest in oriental and western European art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Matt-LoweMatt Lowe  23

Economics Doctoral Programme, MIT

Matt’s research is in development economics, motivated especially by persistent poverty in Africa and the puzzles provided by stagnant economies and failed states. He has worked as a consultant for the World Bank and also within the Strategy, Policy & Review Department at the IMF. Earlier work with the Institute for Fiscal Studies galvanised his view that it is empirical work geared towards understanding welfare impacts on the poor that matters. He aims now to research the macro processes by which economies develop, and welcomes the large-scale empirical research projects undertaken at MIT. Matt’s goal is to uncover true and non-trivial empirical insights that might inform and improve policy. He looks forward to being involved in a church in the US and to improving his Mandarin Chinese.

Adina-Roth-colourAdina Roth  24

Special Student, MIT

Adina studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. She has a particular interest in the intersection of engineering, product design and digital media with the user at the centre of the design engineering process. Adina has worked on a range of design challenges with her most recent being prosthetic limbs for young people, designed in conjunction with users and addressing the ways in which our limbs are used to interact with the world around us. At MIT, Adina intends to broaden her understanding of biomedical engineering, and of digital and interactive design. In particular, she is keen to develop her expertise in rapid manufacturing and the integration of multiple disciplines into the product design process. She welcomes the chance to work in the Mobile Experience Lab and also to engage in the wider Boston-Cambridge design engineering community.

Felix-WardleFelix Wardle  25

LLM, Harvard Law School

Felix was the first of his family to go to University after he gained the highest A-level grades ever achieved at his local comprehensive school. He went on to read jurisprudence at Oxford, where he was awarded a number of scholarships and awards.
As well as looking forward to studying constitutional and human rights law at Harvard, Felix is also excited about becoming involved in practical projects.  He has previously worked as a volunteer at Amnesty International and as a researcher for the Constitution Society. On his return from America, he hopes to become a barrister with a focus on public law and civil liberties.

Tom-LoveringTom Lovering  22

Mathematics Doctoral Programme, Harvard GSAS

Whilst Tom loves his own study of mathematics, he is also equally motivated by collaborative work and by mentoring and enabling others.   Having been inspired by the British (and International) Mathematical Olympiad, he now volunteers for them, selecting the problems sent by the UK to international competitions and setting problems for students training for international mathematics competitions.  In addition, Tom conducted his college orchestra for 3 years and is a choral singer, a guitarist and a pianist.   He has also rowed competitively.



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