How to Apply

When is the competition for Kennedy Scholarships held?
Applications are invited during late summer and early autumn, in the same application season as an application for admission should be made, by the applicant, direct to MIT and/or Harvard. Applications for Kennedy Scholarships for 2019-20 will open on Monday 13th August 2018 and close at 23.59 on Wednesday 24th October. Referees will have an additional week after closure of the individual applications to upload their references.

Who is eligible to apply?
See Point 4 of the Prospectus for full eligibility stipulations. Potential applicants are welcome to ring the office for advice at any time during the year.
Those applying for awards must be all of the following:

  • British citizens at the time of application;
  • ordinarily resident in the UK;
  • wholly or mainly educated in the UK
  • graduates of a British university.

Applications cannot be accepted from those already in the United States.

There is no additional funding for dependents.

Here is a review of the previous five years' application statistics: Statistical Report on applications 2018-19.xlsx

What makes a strong application?
Click here for a summary.

How do I apply for a Kennedy Scholarship?
In addition to completing an online form, applicants will be asked to submit an essay (which MUST NOT exceed 1,000 words) giving an account of their academic pursuits, general activities and intellectual interests, plus reasons for wishing to study in the United States, choice of course and institution and plans for the future. 

You can start an online application, once the start-date has passed, by clicking the Apply Online box in the top right of this page and selecting Kennedy Scholarship.

When might I be notified?
Applicants will be notified by email, either at the end of November or just before the Christmas holiday period.

Please read the Kennedy Scholarship Prospectus for more information.  

Scholar Profiles
Keith Glover, 1969
"There is no question that the Kennedy Scholarship has had a major impact on my career."
Keith Glover, 1969