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Kennedy Summer Research Scholars 2018

Will Bennett
Harvard GSAS Dept of Music

Will researches the sonic landscape of the Space Race in the U.S., asking how the imagining of technological futures, space travel, and even other planets served to shore up distinctly "American" cultural identities during the aesthetic and political upheavals of the latter-20th century. He is a graduate of Royal Holloway, University of London, and was a visiting scholar at the Deutsches Museum in 2017. In his spare time, he makes sad synthesizer music.

Jeremy Bowles  
Harvard GSAS Dept of Government

Jeremy earned his BA and MSc degrees at the University of Oxford, and before starting graduate studies worked for the International Growth Centre at the London School of Economics, Bruegel, and Chatham House. He is interested in the political economy of development and will be in Uganda this summer.
Samantha Burn
Harvard GSAS/HSPH Health Policy

Sam Burn has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and an MPhil in Economics, both from the University of Oxford. Prior to starting her PhD at Harvard, she was a health economics consultant at the World Bank in Washington DC, working on randomized trials of performance-based financing in health in Africa. Sam is researching the effects of outsourcing and privatization in publicly-funded healthcare systems.

Michael Geeson
MIT Dept of Chemistry

Mike graduated from the University of Oxford and researches the production of phosphorous-containing chemicals which will limit environmental damage.  He works closely with collaborators in Morocco to discover new methods for efficiently using the earth’s limited reserves of phosphate rock.
Jonathon Hazell  
MIT Dept of Economics

Jonathon graduated top of his year in economics from the University of Cambridge. He is a macroeconomist, who studies the causes and consequences of unemployment fluctuations. He will use this grant to examine the movement of wages during recession, using a newly available dataset of online vacancy postings.
Pip Mothersill 
MIT Media Lab Object-Based Media group

Using her experience as a product designer, Pip explores how meaning is embodied in objects by designers and how computation or even AI can play a role in that creative process. She has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Bristol and a Master’s in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College.Pip is developing an interactive immersive design tool which she will be installing in various locations during the summer.

Rebecca Voelcker  
Harvard GSAS Dept of Visual & Environmental Studies

Becca explores how artist film and experimental cinema communicate senses of place and displacement. Her PhD secondary field is in social anthropology and she is interested in films that draw from ethnographic and documentary methods. This summer she will be in London and Paris continuing recent work on walking and landscape as political motifs in film. Becca grew up bilingually in rural Wales, and studied at Goldsmiths, University of London, and The University of Cambridge. She was a Daiwa Scholar in Tokyo before coming to Harvard.

Scholar Profiles
Nathan Taylor, 1990

The Scholarship meant a huge amount to me, especially looking back now.

Nathan Taylor, 1990

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