Giving from Canada

At present, the Trust does not have special arrangements in place for Canadian donors.  However, those of you who have taxable income/assets in the USA can make tax-deductible gifts to the Kennedy Memorial Trust through the British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF).  The BSUF is a 501(3)(c) charity approved by the US Internal Revenue Service and set up over forty years ago to support British Schools and Universities in a tax efficient way. 

Giving by cheque

You should express a preference for the Kennedy Memorial Trust on your Donor Transmittal Form, not on your cheque, which is to be drawn to the order of the British Schools and Universities Foundation.  Such preferences are respected by the Foundation but all grants are made at its sole discretion, as required by the I.R.S.  BSUF will acknowledge your gift with a receipt that should be retained for tax purposes.

Your cheque should be made payable to the “British Schools and Universities Foundation”. 

Cheques and Donor Transmittal Forms should be sent to:

British Schools and Universities Foundation
575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006
New York
NY 10022-2511

Giving by Credit Card

You can make one-off or regular donations by credit card using the Network for Good.  Just follow the instructions on the BSUF website, ensuring that you designate the “Kennedy Memorial Trust” as the specific fund or purpose. Please note that 5% of your donation will be retained by the Network for Good.

Donor Transmittal Forms

A Donor Transmittal Form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Scholar Profiles
Abigail Tierney, 1998
"The Kennedy Scholarship gave me the opportunity to study the archives of American scientists which..."
Abigail Tierney, 1998