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Kennedy Scholarships

The Kennedy Memorial Trust requests personal data of those who apply each year for a Kennedy Scholarship. It is the data controller for Kennedy Scholarships.  It has a formal agreement in place with its data processor, who employs appropriate internal and external controls.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, the Trust adheres to the following principles in requesting and using such personal data:

  • our processes must be fair, lawful and transparent;
  • your data is requested for specific, limited purposes;
  • what we request is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary;
  • it will be kept only for as long as is necessary;
  • it will be processed securely by means of appropriate technical and organisational measures;
  • it will be accurate and kept up to date;
  • aspects of it will be disclosed only to authorised people;
  • it will not be transferred outside the UK.

The data supplied by applicants in any given year will be viewed throughout that year’s competition by the trustees of the Kennedy Memorial Trust, as listed on the website www.kennedytrust.org.uk, as well as being viewed and analysed by the Secretary. 

Individual applicant data will be used:

  1. to ensure your compliance with the eligibility requirements of that year's Scholarship competition;
  2. to corroborate your personal statement regarding your strengths as an applicant to the Scholarship and also to your preferred programmes at Harvard and/or MIT or to the Summer Research Scholarship;
  3. to enable the Trust to keep you updated regarding your progress in the competition.

It will be kept in full until that particular year’s scholarship competition is over - ie after interviews have been held in January or after the Summer Research Awards have been made.  After that point, full but unattributable lists of the UK universities from which applications have been received, and the programmes applied for in the US, will be retained by the Trust as a record of that year's competition, along with statistical analysis of that particular year's applicant pool.  All personally-attributable data relating to applicants who have been unsuccessful will be destroyed. Census data, if given, may be the basis for particular reports, for instance with regard to equal opportunities.  These reports will also be unattributable. 

Data relating to those selected as reserve candidates after the interviews will be kept until the full list of scholars is known, following release of admissions decisions at Harvard and MIT in the spring.  Data from reserve candidates not offered a Scholarship at that stage will be treated like the data given by other unsuccessful applicants. Data relating to those awarded a Kennedy Scholarship will be kept in full by the Trust as the basis of its alumni records and detailed historical archive and to enable it to keep in touch with individual Kennedy Scholars.  Informed consent will be requested of each individual Scholar regarding the Trust's ongoing storage of their personal data. Any request to see these files, except by trustees or former trustees, would be referred to the scholar concerned.


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Scholar Profiles
Miratul Muqit, 2000
"It was a hugely enriching time socially and culturally and one that I will never forget"
Miratul Muqit, 2000