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Useful Links
Information about the different Graduate Schools at Harvard and the programmes they offer.
Information about Special Student and Visiting Fellow status at Harvard.  Special Students should particularly note the FAS Course Catalog & Course Selection page and are advised to ring the office once they have done some preliminary research.
Information about study at MIT.

To download an unofficial list of Masters options at Harvard click here.

You can download an unofficial list of Masters options at MIT here.

If you have particular questions about the Kennedy Scholarships, please contact Emily Charnock.
For graduate fellowships to Harvard. Full information and the online application portal for British citizens is at
Awards for, and information about applications to, US universities. See for full information about GRE tests.
For Thouron scholarships to the University of Pennsylvania.

Scholar Profiles
Robert Crawford, 1976

The Scholarship was life transforming for me.

Robert Crawford, 1976

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