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Anthony Purnell, 1981

Anthony Purnell, 1981

The Scholarship was... the catalyst to a career that has exceeded my wildest dreams.

1976-1977 GKN South Wales, apprentice fitter

1978-1981 UMIST Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering Joint Degree (1st)

1981-1982 Kennedy Scholar (both years), MIT, Mechanical Engineering and Aerodynamics

I founded Pi Research in 1986. This grew to become the world leader in race car electronics, and spawned Pi Technology a company working in the design of mainstream automotive controls.

Pi has about 250 employees worldwide with offices in Cambridge and the USA. In 1999 the Ford Motor Company purchased both the Pi Companies and I was promoted to lead Ford's European racing interests: Jaguar Formula One, Cosworth Racing Engines, Pi Group.

At the end of 2004 Ford decided to exit F1, and under my leadership the three companies were sold off. Today I occupy myself with various business interests.

I was amazed to receive the Kennedy Scholarship, having been less than stellar at school, (although very motivated at university). The Scholarship in my mind was the catalyst to a career that has exceeded my wildest dreams. The Scholarship turned out to be the key to the door. I think of myself as immensely fortunate to have been a recipient.

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