Chairman's Report

I am pleased to take this opportunity to summarise for you the work of the Trust over this past year.

Stephanie Flanders gave the inaugural Kennedy Memorial Lecture at a dinner in London last September.  As I write, we look forward to hearing Peter Hennessy on November 8th.  Harriet Cross, the British Consul-General in Boston, has generously hosted receptions for the Trust in April and October 2018.  We greatly enjoyed the hospitality of the Governor of the Bank of England, a UK Patron, for the summer reception in July.

As a means of increasing the scope of the scholarships, without major financial cost, Kennedy Summer Research Scholarships were launched.  Having taken advice from recent scholars doing doctorates at Harvard and MIT, we offered a grant of $3,000 to enable British citizens, who took their bachelor’s degree at a UK university and who are current doctoral students in Cambridge MA, to undertake a specific piece of research over the summer months. Seven awards of $3,000 were made. You can find their biographies enclosed with this report. Annie met them all when she visited in April and they were uniformly positive about the association with the Trust and with Kennedy Scholars currently at Harvard and MIT. They will be good ambassadors in due course.

182 applications were received for Kennedy Scholarships tenable in 2018-19 and 25 were selected for interview from a very strong pool. This year we experimented with means-testing to see if any of those selected could contribute to their living costs. The process worked smoothly and a small number of individuals were identified. Trustees will continue to means-test over the next few years and then review.

We continue to work to broaden the diversity of the applicant pool and you will see from the biographies of this year’s scholars that we are making awards to a very talented group of individuals who are from widely-varied backgrounds. A thorough statistical review of the applicant pool in recent years is available on our website.  
However, recent scholars as well as trustees are concerned that academically-able individuals are ruling themselves out of the competition and not applying.  For this reason, the support of former scholars in identifying and encouraging such individuals is crucial.  We are also aware that the Kennedy Scholarship is not as widely-known as it once was.  The testimony of former scholars – professionally online, and in conversation – is a significant help.  Please celebrate your Scholarship wherever appropriate!

Large numbers of scholars expressed an interest in being a trustee.  We thank you all for your offers of support and engagement.  With only eight UK trustees, and two in the US nominated by Harvard and MIT, plus appointments being made for five years, renewable once, we are only able to take things forward with a small number of you at present.

Sadly, after giving tremendous service, Annie has announced her intention to retire.  Trustees are looking to appoint a successor from 01 October 2019 such that a handover can take place before the end of March 2020.  Please encourage anyone you know who might be interested to contact Annie in the first instance.  The intention is to advertise in April 2019.

Financial Report
At 31st July 2018, the Fund stood at £14,616,425.  Again, we note the strong performance in US equities from which we have benefitted.  The Trustees remain committed to funding 10 Scholars per year and, this year, are funding eight new Scholars, with a further two on Harvard and MIT fully-funded doctorates who get financial benefits like the travel grant and the DC trip, as well as membership of their year-group. The total scholarship given for the eight ranges from £61,000 to £74,500, with the average award being £66,000. There is also one scholar from 2017 being enabled to complete an MPP at the Kennedy School.  530 scholarships have now been awarded since 1966, with the first seven Summer Research Scholarships in addition.

The Trust’s Report and Accounts can be downloaded from the Charity Commission’s website at: entering 234715 or Kennedy Memorial Fund.

The Annual Fund was launched in 2011. The Trustees are hugely grateful to those former scholars who have contributed, and continue to contribute, generously to fund existing and future beneficiaries of the Kennedy Memorial Scholarships. Since that time, over £900,000 has been donated or pledged, along with a further $104,000.  We acknowledge below those who have made contributions and, in so-doing, are mindful of scholar-donors in the early stages of their careers whose giving is proportionate and equally appreciated.  We also note that some major donors wish to remain anonymous and that others have pledged to give indefinitely such that their contribution will be very significant over time. Current projections suggest the Endowment will be exhausted between 2035 and 2040.

Mark Walport  October 2018

Roll of Donors

The list of names that follows is based on all gifts received by the Kennedy Memorial Trust and includes an acknowledgment of anonymous donors.

We thank you all for your generosity.

Professor John Allum
Mrs Caroline Arms
Dr Linda Bilheimer
Mr David Forrester
Dr Walter Greaves

Dr Hilary Beattie

Dr Brendan Horton
Professor Robert Lucas
Dr Robin Petty
Dr Adrian Thomas
Anonymous (2)

Lady Arden
Mr Charles de Chassiron
Mr Adrian Hancock
Lady Lester of Herne Hill
The Rt Hon William Waldegrave
Anonymous (2)

Professor John Craven
Mr and Mrs Robert John
Mr Timothy Ridley
Anonymous (1)

Mr David and Mrs Eveline Speedie
Mr Colin Warren
Anonymous (1)

Dr Peter Parham
Professor Michael Proctor (in memory of Professor Susan Manning, trustee of the Kennedy Memorial Trust 2004-2013)
Professor Caroline Series
Mr Adrian Waghorn

Mr Malcolm Leytham
Anonymous (1)

Mr Leslie Kosmin
Dr Charles Lewis
Mr Richard Wohanka
Dr Gordon Woo

Mr Stephen Locke
Anonymous (1)

Ms Antonia Bullard
Dr Peter Englander
Mr Christopher Fisher
Anonymous (1)

Dr Rosalind Altmann
Professor David Edwards
Dr Charles Jonscher
Anonymous (1)

Dr Jane Armitage
Professor Suzanne Franks
Professor Simon Goldhill
Mr Gordon Marsden
Mr William Wood

Sir Nicholas Hamblen
Dr Barbara Imperiali
Mr Rudolph Kalveks
Dr Adrian Rossiter
Mr Timothy Sims
Mr Christopher Wyke
Mr Simon Yun-Farmbrough

Mr Graham Dunning
Professor Hannah Ginsborg
Dr Harry West
Anonymous (1)

Professor Michael Giles
Professor Susan Gilles
Mr Kenneth MacLean
Professor David Shepherd
Ms Mary Stokes

Mr Richard Davies

Professor Miles Taylor
Ms Moira Wallace
Anonymous (1)

Mrs Judith Aldersey-Williams
Mr Anthony de Garr Robinson
Mr Richard Moore
Mr Romano Subiotto

Mr Daniel Alexander
Drs Matthew and Mary Lynn Realff
Mr Philip Rutnam

Professor Graeme Dinwoodie
Mr Mark Williamson

Dr Sara LaPorta
Mr Mark Roberts

Ms Kate Bingham
Professor Henrietta Harrison
Dr Richard Holme
Ms Zanny Minton Beddoes

The Hon Diana Harding
Mr Rupert Morley

Ms Charlotte Hogg
Mr and Mrs Frederick von Gottberg

Mr Nicholas Braden
Ms Stephanie Flanders
Ms Maggie Roe
Dr Mark Urquhart

Dr Martin Andrews
Anonymous (1)

Dr Alexander Barnett

Dr Paul de Sa

Mr Simon Aldridge
Dr Matthew Bidwell
Mr Duncan Woods
Anonymous (1)

Ms Alix de Mauny
Mr Peter Karanjia
Mr Edmund King

Mr Samuel Gregory
Mr Giles Edwards

Dr Thomas Karshan
Mr Adeel Mangi
Dr Andrew Sweeting
Ms Harriet Wallace

Mr Hugh Harris
Mr Andrew Horne
Mr Jeremy Kutner
Dr Miratul Muqit

Ms Sasha Blackmore
Dr Kirsten Everett
Ms Lorna McGregor
Dr Christopher Whitton

Dr Thomas Baranga
Mr Siddarth Dhar

Ms Amy Rogers
Dr Thomas Barnet-Lamb

Dr Moira Bowdrey
Anonymous (1)

Anonymous (1)

Mr Shashank Joshi
Anonymous (1)

Dr Laura Ralston

Mr Dale Winter
(Anonymous 1)

Ms Adina Roth

Anonymous (1)

Scholar Profiles
Camilla Cavendish, 1989
"I had wanted to broaden my horizons, but I had never imagined just how limited those horizons were..."
Camilla Cavendish, 1989